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Download Word 2019 for optimal document creation

You can purchase Word 2019 from our website licensekey24.com as a stand-alone software with the cheapest price in the market. You can also find other versions of Word available like Word 2016.

Word 2019

Install and activate Word 2019

Microsoft Word is an application included in the Office 2019 package, it is the best product to realize documentations, flyers, letters, and reports with professional tools to adjust the page layout. The centerpiece of this Microsoft Word 2019 release is SmartArt graphics, allowing you to create clear, high-quality graphics for all presentation documents.

Easier read with Word 2019

Microsoft Word 2019 includes new learning tools that make texts a lot easier to read without making permanent changes to the document. Install Word 2019 by which you can change the text spacing, page color or even choose to make it read the text for you via the “Read Aloud” tool. After you finish reading, you can close the tab and return the document to its initial state.

Easier read with Word 2019

The ultimate text writing using touch pens

Download Word 2019 and enjoy a set of pens which are available in the Word 2019 tab, enabling you to freely write in a document. You can also highlight sentences, convert a drawing into shape or simply use a pen to write directly in the document. These features are compatible with devices with a touch screen, a digital pen or a mouse.

The ultimate text writing using touch pens

LaTeX format for math equations

Word 2019 now enables the creation and editing of math equations. Install Word 2019 and find the LaTeX format available in the equation tab which proposes several math equations that you can insert to the document. There is also a possibility of editing existing equations or writing and adding new ones according to users’ needs.

LaTeX format for math equations



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