Windows Server 2022 Standard

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Office 2019 + Windows 10
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Windows Server 2022 Standard is finally here

Windows Server 2022 Standard is one of the latest and most advanced Windows servers for your business. This newly introduced version offers a flexible application platform, advanced multi-layered security and hybrid capabilities with Azure. Let us dive into these new innovative features of this powerful Server.

Windows Server 2022 Standard

Why you should upgrade to Windows Server 2022 Standard

Windows Server 2022 is currently available in two editions: Standard and Datacenter. We'll discover the brand new features included in the Standard edition. The Windows Server 2022 Standard is mainly designed for physical or minimally virtualized environments, and it offers excellent solutions for cloud and on-premises environments. Below are three major features that you will be able to use once you install the Server.


The brand new security features in Windows Server 2022 incorporate existing security capabilities in Windows Server to provide comprehensive protection against advanced threats. Windows Server 2022's enhanced multi-layered security offers full protection that servers require today.


Enhancements to Hyper-V

Updated Receive Segment Coalescing (RSC) has been improved in Hyper-V virtual switches . This enables the hypervisor network to combine packets and process them as a single larger segment. CPU cycles are saved, and segments are kept together across the entire data path until they are processed by the intended application. This means faster network traffic from an external host received by a virtual NIC, as well as network traffic from a virtual NIC to another virtual NIC on the same host.

Hyper-V Improvements

Storage Replica

Storage Replica is a feature from Windows Server that allows you to replicate content of your volumes in the event of a disaster between servers or clusters. It also allows for the building of extended failover clusters which span two locations and maintaining synchronized data. The Windows Server 2022 Standard storage replica option (1 partnership and 1 resource group with one volume of a single 2 TB ) is currently available although it lacks the Storage Spaces Direct feature.

Storage replica




16 Cores