How to Download, Install and Activate Excel 2019

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  • Introduction :

    Microsoft Excel is a robust data analysis and documentation tool. It's a spreadsheet application with several columns and rows, with each intersection of a column and a row being referred to as a "cell."

    This guide will show you how to download Excel 2019 and install it.

    1. Requirements

    2. Steps to follow

      • Download Excel 2019 :

        1. Begin downloading your Excel file using the link you received through email after your order was confirmed.

          You'll have to wait for the download to finish, which could take some time.


        2. Open your download folder once the Excel file is downloaded


      • Install Excel 2019 :

        To mount the Excel file, you can follow one of these 2 ways:

        1. Double click on Setup to start the installation

          • Option 1:

            To open the installation folder, right-click on the Excel file and select Mount.


          • Option 2:

            Right-click the Excel file, select Open with, and then pick Windows Explorer from the drop-down menu.


        2. On the screen, the installation folder will emerge. Double-click the Start button to begin the installation of Excel 2019.


        3. Allow a few moments for Excel to install.


        4. Excel 2019 is now installed. Close the Excel application, then reopen it to activate it.


      • Activate Excel 2019:

        1. To open Excel, click on the start button then type “Excel”


        2. Click on Blank Workbook, then File, and finally Account.

          Blank workbook

          Blank workbook

          Blank workbook

        3. Click on Change my product key


        4. Continue to activate Excel 2019 after inserting your 25-character activation key.


        5. Excel 2019 has been successfully installed and activated.


        6. You can now carry on working in Excel 2019.