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Windows Server 2016 - User CALs

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Activate Windows Server 2016 - User CALs with the cheapest price

In this version of Windows Server 2016 - User CALs is added as a necessary license for users to be able to access files, printing services, and the internet. Get it now from

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Activate Windows server 2016 - User CALs and get full access right to all the features and contents of the server system

After purchasing a version of Windows Server 2016, you will need a server license that allows you to install the operating system on a workstation. You must then acquire additional licenses to give your employees full access to the server. These licenses are related to the person, it is known as the User CAL. This license added to Windows Server 2016 is available for one user only it enables him to access the server from unlimited number devices. Once you activate your Windows server 2016 - User CALs and add this feature you will be able to access the server and the files very easily.

Get full access

User CALs is the abbreviation of Client Access Licenses allows you to link specific users to the Windows Server 2016 operating system. In order for your operating system to be usable by the maximum of your employees, be sure to purchase the needed amount of User CALs for Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Windows server 2016 - User CALs enables the user to have full access right to all the features and contents of the server system for which an authorization has been granted by the administrator.

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Connect all your employees to the server

Windows server 2016 - User CALs license is the perfect choice for companies in which workers need to reach the company network using different devices and even unknown devices. The number of Windows server 2016 - User CALs required depends on the number of employees who require access to the server. By buying this product you will receive 1 user CAL. This license allows a single user access to the server.


The protocol of prevention SMB

This protocol is specifically used by companies to share very big files and folders. With the version of Windows server 2016 - User CALs there is a new release for this protocol, it is called SMB 3.0, so many changes were made on this protocol to make it work better on the network and especially with virtual devices. After this development, it is able now to work on the basis of prevention.

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