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Windows Server 2012 Datacenter

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Windows Server 2012, an operating system easy to install and manage.

Windows Server 2012 Datacenter

What are the new features of Windows Server 2012 DataCenter?

Windows Server DataCenter 2012 is the version intended for companies of equal importance, for small and medium entreprises that give priority to virtualization and a hybrid cloud environment. With the new user interface and its many programs and features, have a complete view of your infrastructure. Develop and manage your applications in the Public Cloud and access the most available, dynamic and cost-effective Cloud Private Platform. Discover the Optimized user interface for extended power. Windows 2012 DataCenter not only provides you with a reliable operating system for your server, but also a dynamic, multi-tenant infrastructure that goes beyond virtualization technology by providing a complete platform for building a private cloud.

Ease of use and better performance

Windows 2012 DataCenter uses the modern Windows 8 user interface to optimize system utilization through a touch screen. It is still possible with the Core installation to abandon the modern interface and configure Microsoft Windows Server 2012 DataCenter using the Windows command prompt and PowerShell. .

Ease of use and better performance

New features

Windows 2012 DataCenter offers several new programs and features that is of great help to you: • Private Cloud and Public Cloud: Flexible access to data everywhere • An interoperable web platform: A reliable web development platform offering a wide range of choices for application development. • New PowerShell: PowerShell 3.0 for managing system settings • Microsoft Windows Azure: Securing the server via the Azure-Cloud • IIS 8.0: New Certificate Management Version with Extended Validation • New SMB 3.0: Support for the current protocol version for optimal access to shared files

New features

Data management and optimized virtualization

The Windows Server DataCenter 2012 operating system is specialized primarily in virtualization. Windows 2012 DataCenter contains the full Hyper-V virtualization platform. Thus, the Active Directory domain Center installation wizard has been replaced by the Active Directory Administrative Center. The new data management system has been designed especially for data protection on server, which is why Microsoft Windows Server 2012 DataCenter is specially adapted for businesses.




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