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Windows Server 2012 - 5 User CALs

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BrandMicrosoft Client Access Licenses5 CALs

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Activate Windows Server 2012- User CALs is the most powerful network for small and medium-sized businesses

Activate Windows Server 2012 - User CALs from our website license that enables the users straightforward and ensure secure access to the information and systems. Windows Server 2012 - User CALs provide entry to up to 10 CALs to link to a server.

Windows Server 2012 - User CALs

Download Windows Server 2012 - User CALs and explore enhanced capabilities

Download the Windows Server 2012 - User CALs program that contains up to 10 database-access device CALs. Each server user would have to have a separate Windows 2012 user license to have total access to the server and to all server system services empowered by the admin. These permission licenses are referred to as app CALs. In Windows Server 2012 - User CALs, licenses are not attached to a single computer but may be used on several computers to allow research more versatile and quicker.

Multifunction Control network

Windows Server 2012 - User CALs offers a stable operating system with a clear and streamlined user interface. Windows Server 2012-User CALs also provide modern enhancements including a task manager that handles unused tasks to conserve more room and render browsing simpler. Windows Server 2012-User CALs also provides new capabilities such as Active Directory Domain Services, the latest Hyper-V cloud computing framework, and Microsoft Windows Azure.

Multifunction Control network


Windows Server 2012 - User CALs provides a revamped iteration of Hyper-V that contains several different enhancements such as virtualization technology, data space investing, inter-site networking, and database backup. In fact, Windows Server 2012-User CALs lifts certain limitations on the usage of resources that each Hyper-V virtual device can connect to 64 virtual processors.


Data Space

Windows Server 2012 - User CALs includes a distributed storage function that converts common storage equipment (such as JBOD) into a storage pool separated into user open space, each of which may include backup disks and may have compatibility techniques such as RAID-style protection.

Data Space



General Information

Client Access Licenses:
5 CALs


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