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Windows Server 2008 RDS - 10 Device CALs

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BrandMicrosoft Client Access Licenses10 CALs

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Windows Server 2008 RDS - 10 Device CALs + Windows Server 2008 Essentials
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Download and activate your Windows Server 2008 RDS - Device Cals now with the most cheapest prices on the market

Windows Server 2008 RDS - Device Cals offers ultimate flexibility when using an own server. The software is used to transform the server into a powerful storage solution, a web server for websites, a mail server, a service for the use of documents, printers, and scanners, or simply into different variants of Active Directory.

Windows Server 2008 RDS - Device CALs

Install and Activate your Windows Server 2008 RDS- Device Cals and benefit from the advanced remote desktop facilities

Windows Server 2008 RDS - Device CALs introduces new features to support virtual machines and provide both complete desktop computers and individual applications with RemoteApp services. Windows Server 2008 RDS - Device Cals supports multiple devices as it grants a license for each device connected to the host server of the remote desktop session. This offer also allows you to activate the RDS license on your server.


the RemoteApp functionality is integrated into Windows Server 2008 RDS - Device Cals which allow opening a remotely hosted application simply from a desktop icon. Windows Server 2008 RDS - Device Cals introduced this feature to allow applications hosted on a Remote Desktop session host server and virtual desktops hosted on a remote desktop virtualization host server to remotely access and associate directly them with a user desktop.

RemoteApp service

Remote Desktop Access

Windows Server 2008 RDS - Device Cals integrates Remote Desktop functionality which has a default configuration that allows all members of the administration group to connect remotely without restrictions. Active Directory assigns remote desktop access permissions to some users as it has a user group to which some users can be added for permission privileges.

Remote Desktop Access

Remote Desktop Gateway

The Remote Desktop gateway was previously called the Terminal Server gateway. This feature was integrated with Windows Server 2008 RDS - Device Cals which have the capacity to grant users access Remote Desktop resources. The role of the gateway server is to filter incoming RDS requests according to the Network Policy Server.

Remote Desktop Gateway



General Information

Client Access Licenses:
10 CALs


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