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Office 2016

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Office 2016 increases your Productivity


Office 2016 offers users new surprises and enhancements. It has a nearly smooth learning curve for long-term users who feel at home writing texts in Word 2016 and creating tables in Excel 2016. The major adjustments are made for Word 2016, PowerPoint 2016 and oneNote 2016 co-edit with two to three users manipulating the same content simultaneously, and with the Skype feature directly accessible from the file. Office 2016 offers the possibility of exchanging emails, audios, or video chats over Skype. The extra features get much more elaborate when you start interacting with other members of the team using time-saving Community functions incorporated in Outlook 2016. Some of the Office's interactive features are so strong and intuitive that you may wonder why nobody ever thought of them before. Users of tablets can now draw a touchscreen equation and see Office turn it into a type-setting process. Office 2016 is the first standard office application suite available for any new web browser, on all the conventional mobile desktop except Linux, with stable versions. A significant new advancement is a box in the top-line menu, which allows you to search for a new feature before you enter it, and does not open separate tabs. You can benefit from the Tell Me box or use Alt-Q to begin typing in, and usually the words you use will be added to a drop-down menu list.

Top functionalities of Office 2016:

Don't waste your time and take advantage of this functional office suite. These are Office 2016's best popular features:

  • Smart Lookup.
  • New Excel 2016 Charts.
  • Word 2016 Co-Editing with Chat.
  • Office 2016 Themes Bring a Splash of Color.
  • Minimal interface changes from the 2013 version.
  • Simple Sharing, Cloud Attachments in Outlook 2016.
  • A Planner to Manage Projects more efficiently.
  • Upgraded with the smoothest collaboration features anywhere.
  • The consistent interface on all platforms, desktops, and mobiles.

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Office 2016

Get to know the unique features in Office 2016

Share files easily

Using the Sharing button on the far right allows you to open a shared menu, where coworkers can access or update the file, many users can now update the same document simultaneously. Indeed, two users can edit the same sentence or paragraph simultaneously in the office. Like Google Docs' similar feature, a painted flag shows where any collaborator edits, but Office 2016 sets the complete name of its co-editors while Google shows you only an initial (and Office shows a colored flag only in a browser). One benefit of this feature is that building a collaborative notebook team is straightforward in OneNote 2016. You can build a New notebook and click on the Sharing button on a Microsoft cloud drive, to make it accessible to employees. By right-clicking on their names in the Share folder button, or by selecting the browser window on them, you can handle sharing without opening the file itself, for shared editor permissions. If you click the name of a remote user in a folder's Sharing menu, the icons will enable you to send a Skype IM, to call Skype, or send an e-mail to your email program. The advantage of storing documents in cloud storage from Microsoft is that you have easy access to previous versions, including Google Docs, and the names of several editors that stored common documents at different times. A new File History tab opens up the screen that displays saved versions; the previous version opens into a new window so that you can edit it as a separate file or insert text and graphics into the latest version.

Professional collaboration in Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 is the most comprehensive program to fit in with Office's share functionality, but certain new features are available only when you have SharePoint services, and other features available to anyone with or without a Microsoft account, for instance, you can connect to a file on your OneDrive drive with a feature that someone has to use rather than adding the file, and do that with one click. When you click the button Link File when you publish, Outlook 2016 gives you a list of your newly edited documents. Clicking on one folder saved on OneDrive will insert a Live Connection to the cloud file on Outlook 2016. If you want to submit the entire file, you can click on the attachment and pick a choice for downloading the file. This new approach in Outlook 2016 profits by non-extra bulk mail files, and by updating a text, you can only open the latest version of the recipient. Outlook 2016 offers a business group feature, where team members can easily connect with the community and share files and calendars. Team members will continue to receive or accept messages in their inbox by clicking on a team in the left sidebar. An extra Clutter feature also cords such messages off for company level accounts in a different folder.


Real-time co-editing In Word 2016

Microsoft has introduced a feature Google Doc users have enjoyed for years now. editing in real time in office documents is one of the best options in Office 2016. Microsoft allowed Office Online to co-edit in real time, although it says that the apps beginning with Word 2016 are going to extend those functions. It would be easier to collaborate with remote teams and support groups to remain on the same page, and now that Office 2016 is here, in the real time joint authoring kit, we have provided a special node to one of our coolest functions. This latest capability has been debuted by the Word team in Office 2016. We live and work in a world that we cannot always co-operate individually and can't wait to share ideas and knowledge. In reality, engineering and marketing teams in various buildings have worked in real time to create this same blog post that weaves comments and content on each other. Many people often made changes to the text simultaneously. Real time co-authorship in Word 2016 has been available in Office 2013 too. Office 2016 presents real-time collaboration, however, by providing a great deal of functionality inside the company and taking real-time collaboration,Office 2016 went to the next level. Business customers shouldn't have to go back and forth between interactions, communicate outside the business, then reinstall and finalize these improvements and conversations so that they can use the complete collection of items that the Office has to offer while service. Efficient time joint authorship offers immediate coordination in the curriculum to ensure that it feels like an independent work session. Partners can more effectively organize and finalize text specifics with Office for Windows.


Find answers quickly with “Tell me” tool

One of the latest features introduced in Word 2016 is the Tell Me box functionality. Microsoft has added a "Tell Me Box" which is placed at the top of the application title bars for Word 2016, Excel 2016, and PowerPoint 2016 to help customers become more involved in Office 2016 and you can find it in the ribbon of the title bar, right of a light bulb, the search area, pre-completed with "Tell me what you want to do." If you need help to learn how to move your screen to a second display, develop Excel 2016 diagrams or attach a watermark in your text document you simply ask the Tell Me box. Just start typing questions using natural language queries and the answer will be as narrow as possible for Microsoft. If you need to perform a particular task, you can type words or phrases specific to your task into the Tell Me tool. No matter on which tab you are in, you will find this new tool in the band, and you will be provided with the help you need. The Tell Me Tool features a "Recently Used" device for displaying recent queries made in this tool, but when used, there was no memory of them. The new Tell Me application is better than Word, as it displays the options that you need to use when you write instead of only telling yourself where they are, moreover, it is context-sensitive. If, for example, you put your cursor in a text paragraph and type "Put row" into the tool, then the "Problem rows below" option will be shown by Word. You will find a text box on the ribbon at Office 2016 asking you what you want to do. This is a text area where you can insert words and sentences into what you want to do next, and you can quickly obtain features you like to use. You can also use Tell Me to look for help with what you want, or you can check for or explain the word you have added with Smart Lookup.


Elegant design and colorful themes

Would you like to see how the looks and sounds of the Office 2016 service can be updated and made more personalized and easier to view? It now has 3 primary colors to choose: colored, dark gray and white. It is more convenient to tell the Office software you are in because of the colorful theme, and the default setting, each software has its own vibrant color. Choose dark gray and white for contrast if you need extera. Office 2016 presents a new "colorful" theme similar to current applications in Linux, iOS and Android, and is similar to the Office 10 touch-optimized versions of Windows, with a vibrant look that suits Word, Excel and PowerPoint. New vibrant themes come with a dark mode for those who don't like the typical look of Microsoft Office applications. Office 2016 provides a further upgrade consisting of the ability to dynamically insert photographs into documents with the proper orientation. It's a little different, but you can save a few extra mouse clicks upside down or sideways when uploading the file.

Universal Apps

Smarter Office menu options

Office 2016 menus upgrade the IQ so that files can be tracked, accessed and searched easily. The search alternative in Word, for example, was updated to make visibility easier to find. The opening and saving of tabs is made easier by attempting to navigate where a user requires a file to be saved locally or in OneDrive to reduce confusion. Office 2016 is always smarter, with modern, improved Cloud resources that can save you time and perform well. These functionalities allow you to improve your Word and Outlook writing, review your Excel knowledge and provide creative PowerPoint presentations. Ideas in Excel 2019 allows you to understand the data at a high level through graphic resumes, trends and patterns. Click just a cell inside a data set, then click the Home tab of the Ideas column. Ideas in Excel 2019 analyze the outcomes and return graphics in a task panel.

Office Apps

Faster and easier ways to get data

Before research can start, you must be able to enter market data that you try to solve. Excel 2016 now features integral functions that allow you to easily and efficiently access and migrate your data to one location and search for all data. These new features are native to Excel 2016, which was previously available only as a stand-alone Power Query supplement. Use these features to connect data from a wide range of sources such as public platform table, database and cube organizational data, cloud based sources such as azure, unstructured information such as hadoop and applications such as Salesforce and position the data in or display the workbook's data model as tables. Intuitive data shaping and transformation options are available in the database editor that opens up when building a new database or when starting an existing one under Get & Transform, allow us to create a database containing the information you would like and how you wish to present it. Any step you take to convert the data can be played and rearranged to make it work faster and effective. Every move you have taken in transforming the data is preserved if the partnership is refreshed. Moreover, you can easily share your questions with others once you have arranged the information. Further features in the Get & Convert section include access to the current references used in previous queries and the combining of query options. Search for your business, which is stored in a corporate catalog or even share your own inquiries with others can also be used with the Excel 2016 Premium Edition and a Power BI license. Additional programming advantage is the integration of the Power Query method. Integrated into native Excel, these features can be used to program a similar query and transform actions using the VBA and Object Model. And if you need more than predefined steps, you can build additional actions and features with the powerful query language.


Top 9 favourite features: Office 2016

Here are some info about our favorite features of Office 2016, and the top ten features that we like:

Big Deals


Perhaps the greatest improvement to Office 2016 is that a feature called co-authoring is included in several office implementations of Word 2016 and PowerPoint 2016. Co-authoring allows a variety of users to work on a document simultaneously and can work on a document independent of their devices. In addition, as many people collaborate on a project, the participants will see where others are participating in a project in real time.


Office Sway

Microsoft has also packaged Sway directly into the Office 2016 suite, a former business product, which was introduced as an autonomous program. Sway helps you to make trendy ability to rank at PowerPoint 2016 that can be quickly completed and shared on websites.

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Tell Me

Tell Me is an updated tool of the old assistant Clippy who used to arrive in earlier Office versions and is considered to be a cleverer version of it. Tell Me is a smart assistant that displays your questions in human language, presented in Script, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Visio and Link. This will help you with all the problems you have. It also has the feature Delve to combine the most valuable details or documentation at a single location using algorithms.

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Smart Lookup

Smart Lookup is a way to quickly scan the document for terms or phrases. You will have to trigger the function, if this is your first time using it. To trigger, click on "Tell me what you want to do…” in the top of the Ribbon menu. Forget about the built-in dictionary, with smart search software, the new Office 2016 version gives you comprehensive knowledge of the terms or phrases. When choosing Word ,PowerPoint,or another office application, the sidebar opens with information about the selected text on the right from various websites.

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New themes

Finally, Microsoft released Office's long-awaited alternative and called for a dark theme. A comfy looking Dark Gray theme can be updated now from the bright and polished interface. During the nighttime job, the dark theme can be very useful.

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Mail Triage

In Outlook 2016, the Microsoft Clutter feature analyzes the history of email and even looks at the people you most contact, prioritizes emails and clearly shows you what is really yours by putting low priority emails in another section.

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Better integration with OneDrive and Skype

OneDrive incorporation allows you to have access to an office document on any compatible device from anywhere. You can not only access these files, but also take them to the left of a screen. Skype will assist you in chatting with your friends, arranging and attending online meetings and sharing your computer with friends.

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In order to make assignments and to perform tasks and documents, Microsoft is also introducing a function called Planner. It uses Office Graph, which holds a list of text, e-mail-related behavior and other operations logs for any person. It's a little bit like Trello, but Planner is theoretically better and more convenient to tap on the Office list.

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Windows 10 support

There are some features on Windows 10 that fit Office 2016 well. Windows Hello, a biometric safety test is conducted for the Office 2016 system in the new desktop operating system, which scans a person to log in regularly. In addition, Cortana can work with tools from the Office, collect critical information and conduct valuable work.



The Office 2016 edition is an outstanding management suite of collaboration and sharing resources. Excel 2016 gathers momentum, Outlook 2016 simplifies everyday tasks and the majority of apps allow you to find the order you need. Office 2016 is a web-based system with plans, priorities or business operations. Office 2016 is an Internet system. Get your own Office 2016 edition and still be up and running!