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Office 2010

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Acquire Microsoft Office 2010 and equipe your device with the best productivity tools available!

For a long time, Microsoft has always dominated the business world, and in order to preserve its empire, it has designed Microsoft Office 2010, a pack that will improve your productivity, creativity, and efficiency at work or at home. Indeed, with the release of Office 2010 that encompasses Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Access 2010, Publisher 2010 and Outlook 2010, Microsoft has integrated a vareity of needed functionalities like the new video and picture editing features in PowerPoint 2010 Broadcast and the PowerPivot in Excel 2010, in addition to a ribbon and a backstage view in Outlook 2010. Indeed, Microsoft Office 2010 offers many features that corporations will be interested in, from powerful efficiency improvements to critical security safeguards. This article will list some of Office 2010's top characteristics to help you understand that the investment is worthwhile.

Most used Office productivity suites worldwide

Percentage of Enterprises using Office 2010

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The world's top recognized functionality of Office 2010

  • New Office 2010 Universal Ribbon
  • The Backstage View
  • Document Printing
  • Live Preview Option
  • Save Office 2010 Documents to the Cloud
  • Built-in PDF Writer
  • Work across multiple devices
  • Skype Integration
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Office 2010 key features:

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Customizable Ribbon

The Ribbon is easy to work with as it allows you to carry out joint operations and can be customized to suit your requirements. You may modify any part of the ribbon, community characteristics and resources and customize or create new tabs. Customizable ribbons will improve the efficacy of most users who can now concentrate heavily trafficked and necessary features for easy access, and can be saved in a file and added to other Office 2010 versions. Administrators can now create and distribute Custom Ribbons to users across the network, allowing companies to tailor Ribbons to specific departments or to "standardize"the Office 2010 interface throughout the business. Community policy tools may be utilized by administrators to prevent users from modifying custom deployed ribbons, helping minimize the number of desk support calls and simplifying user training. Ribbons now support context tabs that are tailored to the method, for instance, a context tab will appear if you select an image in Word so that you can change or format it.


Backstage View

Earlier Office versions had an overcrowded and multilayered menu system especially when the fundamental properties of a document were modified. If you want, for instance, to delete metadata from a document, you can navigate several menus only to the point that you can see any embedded metadata in the document. Embedded metadata can include information pertaining to document editing, from feedback to monitoring changes to editing time spent, and also information on the participant in document creation and editing. Simple removal of metadata is a measure to prevent leakage of data and other potential problems. It can be equally awkward to share files if it has always been difficult to obtain permission for a document, to protect it or to create several versions of a report. Office 2010 removes such an inconvenience by giving a succinct look at the fundamental characteristics of a document and simplifies improvements to one of those components. Office 2010 It is now much easier for users to correctly secure documents and delete confidential information contained in metadata.

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Built-in Graphics Toolset

Office 2010 offers improved graphics software for all of its various applications to encourage the incorporation into the text, presentation or tablet of photographs , videos and other graphical elements. In the past, third party applications could be used if visual elements needed to be edited to prepare for inclusion in the Microsoft Office file (Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation). Microsoft also incorporates most picture and video editing tools, so users can use graphical elements without leaving the Workplace-environment to work directly in Office applications. Office 2010 includes cropping, redimensioning, color correction, layer and background removal (corner detection) and brightness controls, contrast controls, art effects, visual types, and a few more imaging capabilities. New image and video editing capabilities minimize the need for most third-party graphics editing tools and save a lot of time when documents are broken up with pictures or videos in presentations.

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Enhanced Security

From macro viruses to exploited built-in bugs, Microsoft Office has faced a variety of security problems in the past. Users (and administrators) have also relied on occasional third-party updates, patches and security features to protect their systems from threats to records, submissions or tables. Office 2010 integrates different technologies to strengthen protection and safeguard the system against attacks. The Protected View, first and foremost, operates in a "digit sandbox" that prevents a person from modifying a document or performing macros or other embedded features by opening new documents from unknown source data. Thus, the user may show the document to the system without risk and then decide whether he or she wants to trust it. Safe View is the only security layer supported by Office 2010 .Other major security enhancements are Data Execution Prevention, an element of Office File Validation that tracks files to the correct format structure by preventing the execution of embedded programs or unreliable macromacrographs. You can also track files that can be opened, saved and blocked by a Microsoft Trust Center application. The Trust Center should work hand-in - hand with group policy controls, allowing managers to strengthen the implementation of company security policies.

Excel Sparklines

If you want to optimize Excel's analytic capabilities, Office 2010 provides you with two tools to make the most of your tablets. The most noteworthy is Sparklines, which is, as described in the book "Beautiful Evidence" by Edward Tufte, "intense, simple, word-size charts". Sparklines that are incorporated into the table along with the numbers displayed offer a simple visual insight into the importance of the figures. It is possible to create sparklines to display patterns, such as an increase in revenue over a period or to create "win/lose" data bars that can reflect numbers that surpass or fail to meet expectations. Sparklines also uses embedded bar charts that can represent month-to-month ranges on a single cell graphically. Sparklines would be a perfect tool for information workers who want to give values in a tablet some visual flair.

PowerPoint Broadcast

The information workers who rely on the PowerPoint presentation capabilities are impressed by Broadcast, one of the most important feature of PowerPoint 2010. PowerPoint Broadcast enabales users, with a few mouse clicks, to share presentations with virtually anyone. Broadcast works by displaying a slideshow on a remote worker 's computer via a service such as Windows Live or a locally set Broadcast server, promoting one or more slideshows in which a single speaker can simultaneously show a slideshow to hundreds of people. It can be used in conjunction with visual conferencing and VoIP conferences to sell many of the virtual meeting products. It is ideal for any number of local or remote scenarios in which a person wants to give a diaporama to many users without the need to create bridges, virtual conferences or virtual meeting spaces.

Outlook Conversation View

Today, hundreds of emails from a variety of contacts and various projects are overwhelmed every day by the majority of users. As a consequence, e-mail is often a burden rather than a tool for performance. The new update to Outlook 2010 will help minimize much of this burden by offering creative ways to organize your emailssuch as the enhanced Conversation View. You can also find major improvements to the conversation view, which may have been used in previous versions of Outlook, in answering user concerns. This is an effective feature for heavy email users, as it can help streamline inboxes and eliminate the chaos from the email chain. Conversation Groups of emails linked to subject lines, fields From and Response To as well as other data obtained from iMAP fields were not viewable in the conversation view in the past as it did not display all of them together if you had hundreds of e-mails from different parties on a single subject and those e-mails were kept in separate folders, however, Outlook 2010 incorporates these emails to provide an organized view of the whole stream. IThe Outlook 2010's conversation view functionality enabeles users to operate over folders, ignore selected messages and collapse conversations to prevent duplicates from being viewed.

OneNote improvements

OneNote was somewhat forgotten in previous Office versions, possibly because the Office 2007 Home and Student did not incorperate much useful features in the app. Microsoft OneNote 2010 is a digital notebook integrated in the Microsoft Office 2010 that offers a single location where you can collect all your notes and data, with the added benefits of powerful search capabilities to find immediately what you're searching for, plus easy-to-use collaborative notebooks so that you can handle overload information and collaborate more efficiently with others. The new OneNote offerss several adjustments to multiple user editing notebooks simultaneously. If new content has been introduced (or changed) by a particular user, you can view the alterations instantly. The search function has also been improved. To take a linked note is another interesting aspect. If you position OneNote in the Connection mode, it lines your notes to whichever one is displayed automatically (Web page, Word collection, a unique PowerPoint slide, etc.). Then you can see a picture of the material to which it is linked while floating over the OneNote connection, and click it to open the original. OneNote now supports simple styles for editing. You can even add mathematical equations, and if you're using a foreign expression, there's a thumbnail translator with a tooltip in your language. OneNote also supports touch gestures, including finger scrolling, panning and pinch-zooming, tablets and other touch-screen PCs.

Some practical tips and tricks

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Universal Ribbon

Every office program is now supported by a ribbon interface. The ribbon feature was first introduced by Office 2007, however, it wasn't popular among users and it faced several criticisms due to the user interface and functionality. Nevertheless, Microsft did not give up the feature, and it further it give it a future-oriented design with MS office 2010.

Customizable ribbon

Many users of previous Office versions could not updated their toolbars, however, in Office 2010 it is now possible to customize and modify it extensively. Indeed, users can combine various tools and tabs with a customizable ribbon to suit their needs. Administrators can also create and distribute custom ribbon to users.

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Backstage View

You can get a backstage view with the MS 2010. Clicking on the new 2010 MS office file button will give you access to all your regular loads, savings, as well as your opend, and closed programs. You may also adjust the properties of the document, manage versions, check for compatibility issues, and scan for a hidden metadata document for common purposes, etc.

Paste Preview

You also have a feature called Paste Preview with MS Office 2010. It gives you the option to hover over and see how your clipboard item looks. You can access the position from the home band and click the drop-down menu and hover over your options.

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Office Web Apps

A number of web-based applications such as Word , PowerPoint , Excel and other online versions are supported by Office 2010. These apps are available through Windows Live and SharePoint to use online.

Protected View

A new functionality is also introduced with Office 2010, Known as Protected view. Whenever you open a new text, workbooks, presentations or Outlook apps that you download online, they open in the new safe view only read-in-read. As a consequence, you are covered by a sandbox. You can't edit the file in this mode. So you must allow the option to start editing the file.

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More Themes

Now all the MS office programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others, can be used with themes. In this way, you will ensure that your different documents are looked at regularly. In addition , the number of integrated themes has increased in Microsoft. Office 2010 gives you 40 different themes that you can benefit from.

Insert a Screenshot

You do not need to use an external tool like Snipping Tool to take a screenshot and paste it on your paper. You can use the Insert ribbon, and you can pick the image you want to insert in your document by clicking on the screenshot.

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ms access 2019

Crop Images to a Shape

You also can do it from Office 2010, if you want to crop pictures to shop. An additional image editing tool is not required. Go to the contextual ribbon format instead and select the Crop to Shape option.

New Photo Editing Options

A variety of options are also included with the Word 2010 for photo editing. These tools can be found by inserting and selecting an image. You can then go to the contextual ribbon format and explore its choices, including removing background and artistic effects etc.

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Final Words

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 introduces new features that enhances productivity and facilitates your wok.

What are the major changes in Office 2010 stand-alone products ?

What’s new in PowerPoint 2010?

PowerPoint has been updated to provide not only a new version of a browser but a number of bells and whistles. With the basic video editing tool (not as different to iMovie) and an image editing tool (which is like a basic easy version of Adobe Photoshop), users have the ability to edit videos and pictures inside PowerPoint 2010. Microsoft also offers live-sharing feature like WebEx so you can share your work with other people in real time (which can run at the top of shares) while making a slideshow in PowerPoint. In the desktop version a slideshow can also be developed and then published in the web-based version for browser access. PowerPoint's browser edition does not have video editing capability, but most 2008 features are included in the browser version.

What’s new in Excel 2010?

Excel spreadsheets can now be run in the browser, and Tables can be published on the browser via a desktop version similar to PowerPoint. The Excel 2010 browser edition has minimal functionality, but it does provide more comprehensive features than Google Spreadsheets. Microsoft has introduced a highly creative Sparklines feature, which offers an overview of a data pattern within a cell over time. You can also share Excel with other users through the browser and define unique permissions as to who can access the document.

What’s new in Word 2010?

Users who generate Microsoft Word documents have the number one input to retain the looks and feel of a document in the browser that has been created on the desktop. The browser edition of MS Word was accordingly named by Microsoft 'document fidelity'. Word 2010 encompasses a "ribbon user interface" for your browser version, which allows you to change fonts, size, formats etc. In addition, Microsoft modified the laptop edition so that a document can be edited by several users. Unfortunately, this partnership is not available on the internet. Microsoft says users don't want this feature, but it may be a step to protect the income model for Office. When two people edit the same paper at the same time (in the desktop version), Word notifies any user when changes are needed to be coordinated with their document. The desktop version's copy/paste feature has also been updated to display a live preview for the paste. Advanced screenshots can also be produced and placed in the paste feature. Word now has a visual navigation pane and section header breakdown that make it easy to move around various parts of a document. This simplifies movements of a long document.

What’s new in Outlook 2010?

There is also a user interface for Outlook 2010 similar to that of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The interface between email conversations was improved to almost look like a message book, so that users can view send and incoming emails in a more visual way. The search interface has also been enhanced so that content can be found much easier. You may also preview email schedules and opt to disregard selective email conversations.



Office 2010 still needs to go through the public beta before we see it in its final version (expected later this year), but what we see in the technical preview seems promising. If you are using Office 2007 or are still using Office 2003, Office 2010 will offer you enough new functionality and features to make up your mind.